Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bump and Baby Update: Weeks 39-40

I know I had Baby Cookie over a week ago... but I am NOT the type of person who can just end incompletely or on an odd number of weeks. Nope. So that's why you're reading today's post - I didn't want to leave off at 39 weeks. Plus, it was super special taking my 40 week photo with Annabelle on the outside rather than on the inside.

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How far along? Not pregnant anymore! She's here! :)

Size of baby?
39 weeks: pumpkin
40 weeks: watermelon

Total weight gain? I ended up gaining 13 pounds total. Somehow, I have already lost 18 pounds... not sure where the other five came from or went, but hey... I won't complain!

Gender? GIRL! You can read about it here

Maternity clothes? Not anymore! I am fitting into my regular jeans and shirts again - thank goodness! I was so sick of only having a few go-to outfits...

Sleep? I wasn't sleeping well up until her birth, but since then, I've been back to my old self... which is great! But it also sucks because that makes it even more difficult to get up and feed her in the middle of the night...

Work outs? We went for a family walk the other night, but other than walking, I'm taking it easy until I'm cleared by my doctors... I don't want to worsen the recovery period.

Cravings? Not really anymore! But hey - vegetables sound good again!! That's a bonus. Salad is delicious... one of my favorites... and I couldn't stomach them while pregnant.

Aversions? None.

Best moment of this week? The moment we met our sweet little Annabelle - the feeling when they placed her on my chest after delivery (although it was a short time due to her complications) is indescribable. I was so overcome with emotion in that moment. 

Worst moment of this week? 37.5 hours of active labor with Pitocin... yeah... worst moment of the year, not just the week. That was rough.

Looking forward to? Bonding with and watching Annabelle grow! 



  1. Aww congrats!!!! She is absolutely precious and you look awesome too!!

  2. You are awesome! Already fitting into your pre-pregnancy clothes and losing more weight than you gained- that's something to smile about for sure! :)

  3. Girl, you are totally rockin' it! Wearing pre-pregnancy clothes and lost more than you gained-- and you only gained 13 lbs! Can I just be you when I'm pregnant?! Minus the 37.5 hours of labor, of course! ;)

  4. I love the second photo, it's absolutely precious! :)

  5. you look awesome and I am so glad you are feeling good!

  6. You look amazing!!!! That is a lonnnng labor but SO worth it to get your little cutie. CONGRATS!!!!:)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants