Monday, July 20, 2015

Bumpdate: Weeks 31-32

If you missed my previous bumpdates, you can check out weeks 5-12 hereweeks 13-14 hereweeks 15-16 hereweeks 17-18 hereweeks 19-20 hereweeks 21-22 hereweeks 23-24 hereweeks 25-26 here, weeks 27-28 here, and weeks 29-30 here! I've decided that at the very end of this, I'm going to make a book out of all of my weeks so Baby Cookie can look back and read through them someday. I also hope to make one giant blog post compiling all of my weeks together to see the progress.

How far along? 32 weeks

Size of baby?
31 weeks: coconut
32 weeks: jicama

Total weight gain? I'm still at a total of three pounds, but Baby Cookie more than likely weighs more than that now. I'm actually finding out this morning at my ultrasound! 

Gender? GIRL! You can read about it here

Maternity clothes? Full time. I do still have baggy t-shirts and a huge pair of gym shorts that I wear, but otherwise, it's all maternity clothes.

Sleep? I slept pretty well while Dan was out of town because I was able to sprawl out over the whole king size bed! Woo! I actually slept through the night for the first time in MONTHS... and when I say through the night, I mean five hours without waking... because let's face it - that's a LONG time these days.

Work outs? I try to walk, but it's pretty tough to go for very long... or very fast. I'm constantly telling Dan to slow down. I have always been a faster walker than him, so this is completely new. And you should have seen me on our trip to Colorado... that altitude KILLED me. It's crazy to think I lived there for four years just fine...

Cravings? Mexican / spicy foods! I have had my fair share of burritos lately, and I found an actual authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint about 15 minutes from my house... and it's far better than Chipotle, Qdoba, Hot Head, etc. I'll be visiting them frequently, I'm sure. 

Aversions? Still tomatoes... except I'm eating more salsa than I'd like (see above...), which causes heartburn. But I want that spicy food so bad that I just kind of suck it up. I refuse to take any meds for heartburn because I am already on so many for allergies and asthma... I just can't bear to take any more.

Best moment of this week? We went to Colorado Springs to watch a couple friends get married at the USAFA chapel, and that was a blast! I loved eating at all of my old favorite restaurants and strolling through Garden of the Gods - and we even bought Baby Cookie her very first flight suit and took a picture in front of her future school! ;-) 

Worst moment of this week? I had some mystery pains last week right before Dan was set to leave town... we thought I could have been going into premature labor, so we went in to get me checked out. That was no fun, but at least we now know that Baby Cookie is safe and sound for a while longer in there!

Looking forward to? Some Ohio friends are having a small baby shower / get together for us this weekend. It'll be fun to see all of our friends at the same time! 



  1. I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is flying by! It seems like just yesterday you were making announcements on here that you were pregnant!! :) So exciting!! Hopefully I will be in the boat soon enough!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that little flight suit is presh!

  3. My gosh! The flight suit! How cute! You're getting so close mama!!

  4. oh man, you are so close! How awesome is that flight suit!

  5. I love the flight suit, it's adorable!!!! :)

  6. Enjoy your baby shower with friends!

    I'm jealous of your king sized bed.

  7. I think every baby in the womb things 11pm is party time!! My son use to start bumping the second I laid in bed!