Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ten Months: Annabelle

Somehow, our sweet baby girl is ten months old already. This actually happened ten days ago, so it's even crazier how old she is getting!

Annabelle is growing like a weed, both in size and personality! She is the sassiest, funniest baby, and we just love her so much more than we ever thought possible.

She's still calling me 'mum' and calls Dan 'dada', and her biggest news this month: SHE'S WALKING! She had been taking steps since about 8.5 months (just 2 or 3 steps at a time), and somewhere just after turning nine months old, she started taking more steps - LOTS more. Her personal best that I have counted is 23 steps in a row before falling down. It's so fun to watch her walk, but she still chooses to crawl a lot as well. She's only slightly faster while crawling, but we don't think she realizes how quickly she walks since she's so focused on staying balanced.

Annabelle still has teeny, tiny feet, so we don't have any shoes that actually fit her for walking. She wears mocassins sometimes, and we have a pair of shoes that's at least one size too big, but they work when they need to (ie: when we're outside and letting her practice walking). 

She's the happiest baby and is becoming such an adventurous eater. She loves yogurt (yoyo) and everything we are eating. She isn't a fan of super spicy foods, but I guess that is to be expected. She giggles so hard for her daddy when he gets home from work, and she loves walking down the street with him to check the mail. 

We go on one or two walks each day (we have to break them up into smaller walks since it's so hot outside here in Texas), and she waves at everyone she sees on the street / at the park. 

Annabelle went swimming in a big pool for the first two times when family was in town and staying at a hotel - she LOVED it and kicked the whole time - AND she slept great both of those nights. 

I've started planning Annabelle's first birthday party. I can't believe it's less than two months away. I am looking forward to it (hello, end of pumping!) but also dreading it because it's so sad to think this teeny, tiny baby stage is already behind us. We are looking forward to seeing what this month brings! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Fathers' Day 2016

Yes, I'm aware that Fathers' Day was almost a month ago. Oops. I haven't blogged since then, and I'm not even going to apologize. This unplanned break was just what I needed with so much on my plate right now. Something had to go, and blogging was my lowest priority.

We celebrated Fathers' Day by starting the day with (semi) homemade apple cinnamon muffins for breakfast - yum! Dan, Annabelle, and I went to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse (his choice!) for dinner, and Annabelle was SO sleepy for some reason. She could hardly stay awake at the table, and we were approached by a lady who thought she was such a "handsome little boy" - so awkward because Dan always corrects people... but seeing the looks on their faces once corrected is hilarious.

As for gifts, I ordered a keychain for Dan that includes the coordinates of the hospital where Annabelle was born - at the Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. It also has her birthdate and a cute, cheesy little quote. I think I love it more than he does, but that's okay.

I also took a few pictures for Dan, and he has them all in his office near his computer / work station now. The photos I adore - Annabelle sitting inside Dan's flight suit and wearing the outfit I gave him in his New Dad Survival Kit for Fathers' Day last year - Dad is My Wingman with some sweet camouflage leggings!

It was a great day to spend together, and I'm so excited to be able to make a fun craft with Annabelle next year for her daddy's special day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Year Two (Cotton) Anniversary: The Gifts

Our second wedding anniversary was just a couple weeks ago, and I never got around to sharing the gifts we exchanged. I headed out of town for a week just after this, so I had already pre-written and scheduled my blog posts for that timeframe.

Better late than never, right?

We decided last year before our first anniversary to follow the traditional anniversary gift theme each year. Last year was paper, and I gave Dan a typed version of our wedding vows (that we wrote ourselves) to each other, and he gifted me (paper) tickets to see The Rolling Stones play at Arrowhead Stadium, which was a blast.

This year was cotton themed, and it was a little more difficult to decide what to give Dan. Unlike last year, I was preoccupied with a crazy baby, so I ordered his gift on Etsy from BeCoProductions.

It is a custom cross-stitch of one of our wedding photos. The seller was wonderful to work with and accommodated all of my special requests - like flipping our photo so we would be on the correct side with "Mr. and Mrs.", making sure some of my hair was showing even though it wasn't in the photo, and even adding Dan's tiny ribbons on his uniform. I am in LOVE with how this came out, and we have it hanging in our dining room now.

Dan got a little more creative with his gift, and he definitely does know me well. He decided we didn't need any more "stuff" in the house, so he rented a COTTON CANDY MACHINE for us. Guys, I am not even kidding. This man is a keeper! He knows the key to my heart for sure. I am obsessed with cotton candy, always wanting some at ball games and carnivals. He truly does know me. We had a blast making 45 (yes, 45!!!) things of cotton candy one night. We let Annabelle help for a while before her bedtime, but she looks cranky in the picture below because she was tired and mad that we wouldn't let her have any. Sorry, kid, but you of all people will NEVER need straight sugar. 

The cotton candy machine was such a fun surprise!! We had so much fun making it... and he rented it from Outdoor Recreation on base - how cool! I didn't even know they had them. 

Do you follow the traditional anniversary gifts with your spouse?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Military Wellness Initiative

Before I even get started, I just want to say that this is NOT a sponsored post; I just love this product already and think the gesture of this program is extraordinary. The wonderful people working for the Military Wellness Initiative do not even know me personally or know that I have this blog.

Anyway, have you military spouses heard of the Military Wellness Initiative? If not, they are doing a pilot program right now for all military personnel and their dependents in Texas (for the time being - it sounds like this is just the beginning of the road for this wonderful opportunity).

My husband received an email about the program, and we signed up right away. We received the UA Band from UnderArmour at NO COST to us at all. That's a $180 value (each), and we're pretty stoked about it. We each got one; we do not have to share... just to make that clear.

We also both received access to the UA Record app, where we can track our steps (synced automatically through the band), sleep, fitness, and even nutrition. I am really loving it already, and I won't lie: I've become one of THOSE people who tracks my steps now. I have never done this before because I knew I would become obsessive... but after having a baby and staying at home with her, I need a reason to get out an about a bit more and get moving!

This is the perfect solution. I'm able to take Annabelle with me on walks. The heat and humidity has been brutal here lately, but we're making do (and walking inside when we can).

If you have a step tracker (no matter what brand), how do you ensure you get your 10,000 daily steps in? My goal is set to 7,000 steps a day right now because I'm just starting out and still figuring out how to accomplish it while staying at home with Annabelle. I have hit my goal two days in a row, though, so I think I'm ready to step up my game (haha... pun intended).

If you are a military member or spouse living in Texas, check this out TODAY! This is the last day for the Military Wellness Initiative Pilot Program sign-up! You won't regret it!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Ten Years of Service and Still Lookin' Good

It's been a big week for my handsome husband, Lieutenant Lovemuffin. Earlier this week, he finally had his very first day of Air Force pilot training (and just a couple weeks ago, he promoted to First Lieutenant!)

Yesterday, however, was a big milestone for him. It marked exactly TEN YEARS since he first joined the US military. I don't say the US Air Force because he enlisted in the Army first, way back in 2006.

Dan was in between his junior and senior years of high school when he went to his very first basic training (of three because of USAFA) at Ft. Benning in Georgia.

Since his enlistment in the Army, he has played in the Army band, performed funeral honors for many veterans, transferred to the Air Guard, trained to become a B-2 Crew Chief, received acceptance to the Air Force Academy Preparatory School, earned the Top Science Student award, receive an appointment to the Air Force Academy, worked hard to earn a Bachelor's degree in Physics while competing on the flying team, commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, attended the Air Force Institute of Technology and earned a Master's degree in Applied Physics, and started pilot training to fulfill a long-held dream.

I'd say he's accomplished a lot in his ten years of service, but he is itching to finally REALLY get out there and serve his country instead of being in classes!

Really, I just thought he deserved a huge shout-out for all of the hard work he's put in over the past ten years! I love how selfless he is to defend our country, and I am so proud of all he has accomplished and all he will achieve for the rest of his career!