Monday, July 13, 2015

A Q&A With My Snarky Husband

I've seen a lot of bloggers posting random interviews with their husbands lately, and I thought it sounded like a fun idea! I typed out a list of 20 questions to ask Lieutenant Lovemuffin, and he (semi-happily) obliged. I think he likes being talked about on this little blog, so I shouldn't be surprised. He was feeling a bit snarky when answering some of these, though, so there's your fair warning. 

1.    What is the name of my blog?
a. … I purchased the domain name…
(That's true. He controls the technical aspect of this space!)

2.   What do I typically write about?
a.   Stuff we do together and what life is like as an Air Force wife (grueling, I hear…)

3.   What is the best store for women to shop?
a.   Any auto parts store, that way they won’t spend too much money. 

4.   Do you know what Pinterest is?
a.   I know it gets me great dinners and also some interesting “cobblers”!
(haha... more on that 'cobbler' in another post... maybe)

5.   What do I keep in my purse?
a.   It’s more of a question of where you keep your purse – apparently it’s my job to always know the answer to that question.

6.   What is my biggest fear?
a.   Fish, tied with flying, so I suppose that’d be a flying fish (sturgeon?)

7.   What jewelry was I wearing on our wedding day?
a.   You had the lockets of your dad on your shoes, the necklace I gave you, your engagement ring, and that thingy in your hair. 
(Wow... he's pretty good! I'll let the lack of wedding band slide since I didn't specify if I meant before or after we said our vows)

8.   What did we do for our second (dating) anniversary?
a.   It was valentines day at the Prep School so we went to a Miramont Castle and had a nice dinner. 
(Nope. We did that for our first anniversary. He took me on a winter wonderland train ride for our second anniversary, which was amaaazing!)

9.   Which one of us has a better memory?
a.   You do (when not pregnant)

10. Who is the messiest in our house?
a.   Gilligan (she was expecting one of us, but this cat seems to puke wherever he pleases, and if he isn’t happy, he pees on whatever he wants…)

11. If I could meet any famous person, living or dead, who would I want to meet and why?
a.   I feel like you’ve told me this before - probably an author/writer – Jodi Picoult (de gallo)
(Yes, he calls her Jodi Pico de Gallo...)

12.How much do I spend on make-up products?
a.   Not very much – you don’t need much because you’re so beautiful!

13.What is my favorite TV show?
a.   I Love Lucy; that’s easy

14.What about my favorite movie?
a.   Remember the Titans

15.Who is the spender, and who is the saver?
a.   I think we’re both spenders and savers (after I taught you to save via Groupon and other coupons/discounts)

16.Who takes longer to get ready in the mornings?
a.   Depends, are you counting the time it takes me to get out of bed? If so, then me.

17.What is an acceptable amount of money to spend on a dress?
a.   It depends on the type of dress, I don’t wanna be boxed into a corner on this one! I would say no more than $100 with the exception of wedding dresses. 

18.What is your favorite part of being married to me?
a.   We always manage to have fun wherever we go!
(I love this answer!)

19. What about the worst part?
a.   Well, I didn’t really see all the hospital visits coming so soon when I said in sickness and in health.
(Sorry, babe... the kidney stones suck, trust me)

20. What was your first thought when you found out you were having a daughter?
a. Cool, I get to teach a girl how to do all these manly things.

Some of his answers made me chuckle! 

Have you ever interviewed your significant other? It's fun!



  1. #9! Haha, isn't that the truth; I don't know where my brain goes when I get pregnant (And for me it doesn't come back until I'm done nursing!)

  2. The auto parts store- too funny!

  3. HAHAH I love this! I might have to do a Q&A with Andy. He apparently loves my blog, and what better way to get to know him a little bit better!

  4. This is such a great idea. Jodi pico de gallo cracked me up. Also he was so sweet with the makeup answer!

  5. Remember The Titans is a great movie. I cry every time I watch it.

  6. I'm in the process of trying to get mine to answer all the questions...! I've had to break them up so he'd humour me and it doesn't help that the internet is off on the ship, so it's taking me a few days! Come by my blog when I do manage to get them up!!

    I'm very impressed with his memory on what jewelry you wore at the wedding! High 5 to him!

  7. This is so cute! I have to do this!

  8. Answer 12, so sweet!! And I love the auto parts store answer because we won't spend any money in there haha

  9. So fun. I love that he is a Jodi fan.