Monday, July 6, 2015

Bad Blogger... Broken MacBook

Sorry for the lack of posts last week - oops! I am such a terrible blogger.

We had just gotten back in town, and I was trying to play catch-up on EVERYTHING - meal planning, housekeeping, Etsy shops (yes, I said shops... I'll be debuting #2 soon!), and my social life... not to mention, our very first childbirth class! Eek!

Regardless, I'm sorry. I meant to be on my A-Game, and I just wasn't. Anyway, as karma would have it, my MacBook Pro bit the dust on Thursday afternoon.

I was just reading a recipe from Pinterest for the 4th of July, and my screen went black. I could still hear that my computer was on, so I manually shut the power off.

I tried rebooting it, but it just wouldn't load. I got on Dan's MacBook and tried searching for how to fix it... to no avail. I figured he would be able to fix it when he got home, so I waited it out... and then when he spent FOUR HOURS trying to fix it with no luck, we knew it was bad.

I took it to the Apple Store on Friday, and the bad news is that my graphics/video card (something like that) is out... but the good news is that it's a common problem with my year of MacBook, so despite it being out of warranty, they are fixing it COMPLETELY FOR FREE! After our luck with things breaking lately (cars... ugh), this was a very welcome surprise.

Unfortunately, they have to send it in to fix it... but they said I should get it back Thursday or Friday of this week! I am hopeful.. and until then, since I can't work in my shops, I will be going crazy getting Baby Cookie's nursery more set up... or as much as I can.

Have you ever had your computer just stop working?
Have you also had excellent customer care from Apple?



  1. I've been over my iphone for a while now, but I know they have pretty good customer service

  2. Ack, I have a MacBook Pro. What year do you have? I'd cry if mine stopped working.

    1. Mine's a 2011! I'm so glad they're fixing it for free, but yes, it upset me a lot!

  3. Awww bummer! So frustrating but glad they are fixing it.

  4. Annoying, but what a relief that it was just the graphics card...! I've yet to make the switch to a Mac laptop... Can't do it!! ;)

  5. I love apple...their products and their customer care!

  6. I'm an Apple fan! Got some great customer service last week after busting the screen on my phone. Bummer about the computer, but it's great that it's an easy fix!

  7. Yikes! My laptop is a 2010 Dell and I'm already dreading the day she bites the dust!

  8. I've had WAY too many issues with computers over the years. My very first laptop was by Apple, back in 2008 or something like that and it died after about a year (it was an older, used model so this was expected). I then had an Acer which lasted about 6 months. I sent it out twice and it never fully fixed. If I remember correctly, it was also a graphics card issue. Then I had a netbook by Gateway. That lasted almost 2 years and then it started acting up and the small screen was driving me insane so I got rid of it and got a Lenovo. This was a really great computer and again, I had it for almost 2 years. Only one problem with it but it was fixed pretty easily. But I really wanted a MacBook so in 2013, I finally took the plunge and got one. I've now had it for almost 2 years (in November) and have had zero issues with it. Best computer I've ever owned :)

  9. Computers not working is the worst. I try to clean my harddrive every couple weeks because I am so afraid my computer will go kaput and take all my documents and pictures with it.