Monday, March 30, 2015

The Guy Behind My Blog - Round 3

Today, I'm joining Betsy for the monthly Guys Behind the Blogs link-up, and I'm so excited to have my handsome husband back on the blog!

Excuse his disgusting facial hair... this is from our honeymoon, when he had 60 days of leave... and yes, that's how it actually grows, haha!

Here are this month's questions... Dan's answers will be in green, and my responses will be underneath if I feel like explaining something...

1) Do you have a good luck charm or ritual?

       No, not really, not much of a believer in lucky charms. I do carry a pocket watch on important occasions (graduation, wedding) that I got from my father when I found it as a graduation present in January 2014 while he was in the hospital before he passed away. 

He had a funnier answer but declined to share it on here. Probably for the best. 

2) What is your favorite dish that your wife makes for you? Do you have any fun memories of when she tried to cook and it totally flopped, or does she get it right every time?
       Honestly, Janelle is far more critical of her cooking than I am. I can think of a few dishes she's made that she wouldn't eat that I didn't find amazing but still palatable. This may have to do with me eating Mitchell Hall Food every day for 4 years, but I can pretty much eat anything. The only thing I ever remember not being able to eat is some frozen vegetarian meatballs.  My favorite dish(es) of hers would be all the sides she makes during Thanksgiving

That's also true. I sometimes will only eat a few bites of meals I make because they just don't seem appetizing to me after cooking them... and I'll be embarrassed about it until he chows it down. Thanks for the boost of confidence, husband! Also, the Thanksgiving side dish recipes are totally my favorites too, and sometimes, I sneak them in on other days throughout the year. ;-) 

3) What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I think a better question is what didn't I want to be when growing up - I remember telling my parents I had a plan for life that included something along the lines of military, police officer, farmer, and truck driver. There's probably a few other desired careers that I'm missing but I think I just wanted to do things that those I looked up to did. 

He also wanted to be a chef. I have seen a photo of him as a kid in the cutest little chef hat! But he decided against it when he realized he be Chef Cook... ha! 

4) Which of the five senses is your strongest?
Well, not hearing (I might have selective hearing... ask Janelle), taste (see #2), sight (I'm 20/250), smell (at least I can tolerate various smells quite well), so that leaves touch - this makes sense because it's important in flying and I am a very touchy person. 

... and sight and hearing aren't important in flying?!?! Haha, just joking. He passes all of his tests with flying colors. I agree with his answers here. I'm his bloodhound for sure - even when not pregnant! My sense of smell is so strong that it's AWFUL. 

5) Would you ever run for president?
       I would like to be in office of some sort but don't think I'd like the stress and publicity of the presidency. I think I would be able to make a positive impact in state or local government. 

Again, I agree with his answer... except how amazing would it be to be the First Lady?! #FLOTUS


Well, that was fun! I hope you enjoyed reading my silly husband's answers as much as I did. I can't wait to bring Dan back at the end of April for Round 4!



  1. I wish my husband would eat anything. He's so picky!

    And 60 days of leave! Wow! His work would never let him take all that off at once. I wish! I think the longest he's been off was 2 weeks after a deployment, but I think they sort of HAD to give that to him. Security Forces can be a tough field to get off.

  2. Wow...sixty days, that's amazing! That's so great you guys could spend that much time together. :)

    I'm super lucky that my husband is much less critical of my cooking also. Thanks for reminding me of the linkup...I completely forgot about it this month!

  3. Haha Kyle says the same thing about his hearing...he jokes that it's selective I know it's from years of not wearing ear pro while standing next to a howitzer. ;)

  4. Your husband sounds like such a great guy! I love that he's so complimentary about your cooking. I've made some meals that I think are flops too but my husband is usually a good sport about it. Except one time, I made "meatza" which was pizza but the crust was ground meat instead of dough, and it was disgusting. Inedible lol!

  5. My husband is the same way about eating! I'll make something, think it's gross and I won't eat it. He'll still be able to scarf it down. He blames it on the army food so maybe there's something to that theory.

  6. Bhaha Chef Cook! That's great. My husband also will eat anything. After the Army and Afghanistan, anything is a luxury for him. Which is a bonus for me I guess.