Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Temptations Snacky Mouse - A Review

We we arrived home from our babymoon, I had a special box waiting for me from Influenster. And when I say I did, I mean my cats did. Yes, that's right: Gilligan and Stormy have received their very first voxbox!

They absolutely the the Snacky Mouse they received. If you haven't heard of it, it's just a small plastic mouse that tilts back and forth when the cats paw at it. Te extra fun part, though, is that you can fill it full of Temptations cat treats, and they fall out the sides when the kitties knock it over just right.

It's kind of like chasing that elusive laser... except they DO catch something because they get the treats!

Stormy is much better at it than Gilligan still. He loves eating the treats, but he usually just waits for her to knock them out for her. Typical guy, am I right? They're so adorable to watch, so I even included a video.

I received this product for testing purposes free from Influenster and Temptations. #CatVsMouse

Do you use Influenster?
Would you get your cat(s) a Snacky Mouse?



  1. I wish Fishy could have those treats, they really messed with his stomach.

  2. We have that type of cat toy for our cats!

  3. Yes, I use Influenster! Great stuff. My cats eat those treats.