Friday, April 3, 2015

Old Wives' Tales - Cast Your Vote!

We've all heard about old wives' tales. I always thought they were just silly and have no merit (which is probably still true), but ever since I got pregnant, I have wanted to know what that little baby inside of me is... a boy or a girl!

Since Dan and I will be finding out SUPER SOON, we thought it would be fun to look at the old wives' tales and see what they say.

It looks like we're split down the middle, with girl being slightly higher than boy.

What's your prediction for Baby Cookie? Cast your vote in the comments! 



  1. With both of my kids (and everyone else in my family that I knew the right info of), the Chinese chart was right. My friend's three kids were right on it too. So while I wouldn't totally base my purchases on that, it's one I mostly believe. My mommy intuition was 2 for 2 as well. Oh, and both my kids followed the heart rate one too. So I'm guessing girl. I can't wait to see your big announcement though! Babies are so exciting!

  2. I vote girl based solely on the heart rate! It's the only one that's ever been right for me.

  3. this is cute!!! these interest me too. can't wait to see your announcement of what the baby is!!! :)

  4. So funny! I was right down the middle, too :)

  5. I'm late to the party but I had a feeling you were having a boy so I was wrong lol