Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DIY Open When Letters for Your Spouse

When I was making the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts for my husband, I struggled to think of something for Day 11... which is where these fun "open when" letters came in.

I had seem these floating around Pinterest for quite a while and had wanted to make a set for Dan... but I just didn't have any reason to. What better time for a fun DIY gift than the 12 Days of Christmas?!

Dan and I have been writing handwritten letters to each other for years. Since we lived apart from each other for the first five years of our relationship (and long distance for one of those years), it's just something we do. I have a decorated box of all of the letters and cards I've received from Dan, and he has mine in sheet protectors in a binder. We also wrote each other letters the night before our wedding (we were not together). We sealed them up in the middle of our ceremony in a box with a bottle of wine, and we plan on opening them either on our five year anniversary or when we need to remember all of the emotions and love we were feeling the night before tying the knot!

For this project, I started by creating 11 different labels - or the categories I wanted to write letters for. I tried to make them colors he would like rather than my favorite colors. It was fun to come up with the topics, but my husband did tell me that he'd need about a thousand of the "when I'm being annoying" letters. Oops.

I printed out the labels on cardstock and then glued them to plain white envelopes with a glue stick. Nothing fancy over here...

Inside each envelope, I placed a one page (or longer) letter the corresponds with the topic. I bundled them all together, wrapped them up, and gave them to my husband. He thought it was a really clever gift, and he has them sitting on his desk in his office now so he can open them when the time is right for each one!

If you would like to download my card covers, CLICK HERE for the PDF.

  • Do you and your spouse write letters to each other?
  • Do you enjoy making or receiving DIY gifts?


  1. These are so cute! We don't write letters as often as we should. We usually do it when Kyle is going to be gone for long periods of time.

  2. I love these! I made them for my husband when we were living in separate states. He thought they were a bit cheesy, but I think they're a super cute idea!

  3. This is really cute! I wouldn't know what to put on the inside. I'm not great with words when it comes to sentimental things haha.

  4. We have a box of love letters too. We give each other notes all the time, but it is more random. When he was in basic and deployed we wrote letters every day. This is a really cute idea!