Monday, December 1, 2014

Six Months of Wedded Bliss

Yesterday (Sunday, November 30th) marked six months of marriage for my handsome husband and me.

Since we got married in May, we have stepped foot in eight different countries, moved across the USA to our first home together, celebrated a few holidays, hosted our first Thanksgiving, dealt with a strange illness, joined a church and started volunteering with the youth group, had house guests, Skyped with faraway friends, tried many new recipes, set goals, celebrated the Royals going to the World Series for the first time in our lives, learned how to live together, and many more exciting things!

We are so happy to celebrate our first six months of marriage, and we can't wait for months and years to continue passing by... just as long as we're at each other's side!


  1. Happy 6 month anniversary!! Our first year of marriage was my favorite, it was just so nice to be able to live together and not have to worry about getting him back to the Academy at a specific time. You guys sure have accomplished a lot in 6 months!!

  2. Sweet post! Happy six months!

  3. Happy 6 Month Anniversary!!! Here's to forever more months!

  4. Yay to marriage! It just keeps getting better too!