Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hectic Holiday Season

Whoa, has it been a busy holiday season or what?!

My husband has been busy with his grad school classes. He is taking his finals this week, so he's been holed up in his office procrastinating studying for his finals.

I've been working so hard in my Etsy shop. Just a month ago, I was bragging about reaching 300 sales... and now I'm at over 460 sales. Yes, it's been a CRAZY month of custom orders, buying a new printer so I can make my prints at home, and lots and lots of magnets. It's well worth it, though - I've made a substantial chunk of change, and we're planning on using it when we hopefully make it back to Europe this spring.

We've also hosted our family for Thanksgiving, babysat the cutest little boy from good friends, taken way too many pictures of cats, enjoyed donuts at the cutest little shop, made six dozen cookies for the Wright-Patterson Cookie Drive, served in the youth group at our church each week, almost completed (this week!) our 12 week course at church to become members, saw the Nutcracker, attended the AFIT Holiday Ball, and drank copious amounts of coffee.

It's been hectic but fun.

It's been a busy month and a half, but it's been fun as well! 
  • What have you been up to this holiday season?
  • Do you prefer to be busy all the time or to have free time?


  1. It is crazy how busy the holiday season is! I am in the middle of classes and have 6 papers due next week. Fun! Haha. Otherwise we are staying in Louisiana for the holidays and I am happy about that.

  2. That is so great about the sales!! I'm happy your Etsy shop is doing so well!!
    I wish I had free time to do Christmas things. Work consumes my days. I wake at 7am, go to work, come home between 7pm-9pm, make dinner, clean up from dinner, shower and go to bed. I don't have energy for anything else. It stinks!

  3. It's been busy for me as well! Yesterday I thought "Wait, Christmas is NEXT WEEK!" Congrats about the Etsy shop! That's so exciting.