Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wedding Highlights {Professional Photos & Video}

Slowly but surely I will catch up with this blog! I've been trying to post two or three times per week, but there's just so much to post about from this crazy summer!

I posted our wedding recap a few days after Dan and I tied the knot, but that was just with pictures that our guests took. We recently got our professional photographs back, so I wanted to share those today! We ALSO hired a videographer, and he made a wonderful highlight reel from our big day. I'll include it at the bottom of this post after the photos.

Our photographer was Callie Riesling, and our videographer was Sean Halverson. Check them out by clicking on their names - they are both stellar at what they do! :)

We were sealing the letters we wrote to each other when we were apart the night before the wedding with a bottle of wine that we made together. The point is to open it on our five year anniversary, read the letters, and drink the wine. If we have a big fight before that, though, we will open it up to read the letters and remember how amazing our love is.

Yeah, I accidentally called him my wife in the middle of my vows... and according to my friends, this is a typical "Janelle face", so that's nice. Haha.

But really... my wife?! Haha! 

We had a saber arch at our wedding, and the coolest part of it is that it was full of AMAZING friends. These three guys and three girls are just wonderful, and I'm so glad the arch was able to be so personal! 

"Kiss her! Kiss her longer! You can't go until you kiss her more!"

Best Man Aaron is tapping me on the butt with his saber... "Welcome to the Air Force, Mrs. C!" This photo shows every emotion I was feeling that day, and it is my absolute favorite!

Every bride deserves a picture like this one! :)

I *think* this is the one we'll use in our giant guest book frame! 

Garden of the Gods is beautiful in the background, but the love we felt from our friends in our wedding party that day was 100 times more beautiful. 

Yes, it's pouring down rain, but we were dancing and didn't care! :)

The cake was made by an awesome friend and {former} co-worker of mine - and it was DELICIOUS! I can't wait to eat it again on our anniversary... hopefully more gets in my mouth and less up my nose this time around! ;)

We took one class to perfect our mad dancing skills {joking... I was terrified to dance unless we took a class and could only fit one into our busy schedules}, but our first dance song was "Come Fly With Me" by Frank Sinatra... it was magical. :)

Dan's former teammates from the Air Force Academy Flying Team serenaded me with "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" during our rehearsal... Top Gun style! It was so much fun, and you can watch it at the very end of the video below. 

And here is the video highlight reel! We absolutely LOVE that we have not only still photos but also this video that just completely encapsulates how we were feeling that day. We also have a video of our entire ceremony, and I'm sure that will be amazing to watch for YEARS and YEARS to come! I HIGHLY recommend a videographer for all of the brides-to-be out there. :)

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