Monday, August 4, 2014

USAFA Grad Week: Graduation Parade

Let me take you all the way back to the last week in May. It was by far the busiest (yet most beautiful) week of my life.

That is the week that the love of my life FINALLY graduated from the US Air Force Academy. It ALSO happens to be the week we got married.

Since the week was so overwhelming for me, I am going to break it down into several posts so that I can look back and enjoy reading about that marvelous week without all the confusion. Sound good? Okay!

First up was the graduation parade. This signifies the very last parade cadets march in at the Academy. They enter the field with their squadrons (all cadets). Only the graduating seniors wear the yellow sash. And when they march back off, they leave alone, without their younger squadmates. It's the same way they enter the parade field four years prior for the Acceptance Day parade when they officially become cadets after basic training.

This experience was very emotional for me. I sat with my good friend Megan, and we were SO giddy that our then fiancés (now husbands) were FINALLY at that point. I remember being so overcome by emotions when the cadets first marched out, realizing that after watching three other classes go through this and seeing three other classes of girlfriends/fiancées get married, it was finally Dan's turn. Our turn.

It was an amazing feeling, and I couldn't wait to hug that man of mine in his parade dress!

This isn't the entire cadet wing by far. This is just a couple squadrons, including Dan's - 39, the Cool Campus Radicals. He's in there somewhere! 

Right after the parade! And no, I didn't mean to match him...

With our friends Megan and Ryan. They also got married and are now at the same base as us! :)

After the parade, there were department awards, and this is Dan being recognized by the Physics Department. 


  1. Ahh so fun! Brings back some great memories! :)

  2. So cool! USAFA seems so much like the Corps at Texas A&M, and I get so into all of the neat traditions. I was so giddy and nostalgic when Parker was doing everything for the last time too!

  3. That yellow dress is adorable!!!!

  4. Such fun! Love your dress! Tom and I unintentionally match all the's probably just something about being a couple.