Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our Little Bookworm

As a former (and maybe someday again) language arts teacher, I have always been terrified that any child of mine would hate reading.

And for the first several months, Annabelle wanted nothing to do with books. She cried when we pulled one out to read to her, and she always squirmed away.

I was horrified. How could MY child not enjoy books? Her dad and I read all the time. Isn't this genetic? (ha!)

But all worries aside, we officially have a little bookworm now! She crawls up to her (overfilled) bookcase each day and pulls out books to chew on read. She has her favorites for sure, but I don't even mind reading them over and over again because at least she wants to be read to!

Adorable onesie from Line Liam Boutique!

Do you enjoy reading with your kids?

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