Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Annabelle's Travel Themed Nursery

We are leaving Ohio NEXT WEEK for our new home in Texas, and while I'm excited about getting out of here and moving on to the next phase of this Air Force journey (Lieutenant Lovemuffin will be MUCH happier flying planes than writing papers), it will be sad to leave our first home as a married couple and the home that we brought our sweet baby girl home to.

I just knew I needed to capture Annabelle's first room. I would hate myself forever if I didn't since she will surely have many, many bedrooms. When Erica posted last week sharing her soon-to-be baby's nursery, I was inspired to go take pictures of Annabelle's nursery before we started packing it all up... and I am SO glad I did.

When I was still pregnant, we talked and talked about what theme we wanted for the nursery. I had always imagined having an animal themed bedroom for my kids, and we even have all kinds of pictures and things that would work perfectly for that. Something struck me, though, and I proposed it to Dan... he liked the idea because it involved modes of transportation (ie: airplanes), so we went with it!

We would have done the same theme for a boy as well, but the colors would have been different... probably navy, gray, and red? Or green? Who knows, but hot pink, teal, and lime green were what we decided on for baby girl.

We didn't paint her room since we are renting a house off base and didn't want to deal with the hassle when we already knew we'd be moving when she was only six months old. And here we are... approaching our big PCS.

Even her crib sheets are themed - hot air balloons!

I will treasure these photos forever, and I know Annabelle will be happy to see them when she's older!

Does/did your baby's room have a theme?

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