Thursday, November 13, 2014

That Time We Got a Dog

Once upon a time, my husband was 14 years old. He worked at a flower shop, when someone brought in a little bitty puppy. He took it home, begged his mom to keep it, and thus, Smudge came to be.

Fast forward four years. Dan graduated from high school and left for college. His mom moved to Oregon (from Missouri), taking Smudge with her.

This summer, Dan's mom passed away. It was really rough, but we knew we would take Smudge back, who had been living with Dan's aunt and uncle.

In October, we had him shipped from Portland to Chicago via United Airlines. He did so well on the flight, and United was great with him! We drove five hours to pick him up in Chicago, and he's been a good (albeit old) dog since then. He's 12 years old now, but he still acts like a goofy puppy.

Our other four-legged friends haven't been overly welcoming, but they're still adjusting. It's been a month now, and Gilligan likes to sniff at Smudge when he's asleep. He isn't mean to him, but he's jealous, and he doesn't want to play. Stormy, on the other hand, hisses at him every time she walks by and swats him in the face with her claws whenever she has the chance. She is Dan's cat for sure, and she is SUPER jealous of his newfound (to her) friend.

I'm sure they'll eventually come around to him, but I'm not expecting them to become best friends.

Reunited at Chicago O'Hare
Someone got a eucalyptus bath...
Stormy loves tormenting Smudge while he's outside...
She also likes to test her limits sitting near him but not too close
Smudge doesn't play very well, but he does love tennis balls!
Dan with both of his fur-babies (he and Gilligan are not close)
Yum, Mom! Thanks for the stuffed gingerbread man! He is tasty!
Silly dog always begs to come back inside.
Stormy has been jealous, so we got her some new catnip stuffed fish toys.
Gilligan also gets jealous when Smudge plays outside, so sometimes I take him outside for a few minutes too.
Overall, the felines have been forming an alliance and sticking up for each other against the giant beast.
  • Do you have a dog?
  • What about a cat?
  • Do they get along?


  1. Oh he's so cute!! How wonderful for them to be reunited after so long!

  2. What a sweet story! We've always had cats in my family and now Jake and I are patiently waiting to get a dog. The only downside is having pets can sometimes be a hassle with finding a place to live! So many complexes and rentals don't like bigger dogs!

  3. He is such a cutie! :) I'm sure after a while they will all be the best of friends.

  4. Oh my goodness, adorable!!! Our dog, Jack Daniels, flew with me when we moved out here to LA. It was cute when he saw my wife for the first time at the airport, he almost jumped out of his little carry-on bag (I had opened one of the sides a little so he could stick his head out and breathe).

  5. Aw!! Congrats on the reunion!! We only have a dog! It was so nice when we got him off the plane after a couple months apart.. (:

  6. Oh gosh, he's so cute. I hope all your 4-legged friends adjust well.

  7. He is SO CUTE! He sounds like the best dog! Makes me want to get one! :)

  8. Cute puppy! Our two dogs are still adjusting to the baby :) It doesn't help that she changes every day and gives them something new to deal with.

  9. Oh love love. I am sure they will find a rhythm one of these days.