Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review: Between the Lines

I currently have several book reviews on my old blog. I want to get rid of completely (since it's been nearly two years since I've used it), but many of my links are still to that blog. To transition completely away, I am going to be re-sharing some of my book reviews here once or twice a week. If you love reading, this is for you! If not... I'm sorry, and I promise to keep the words "book review" in all of the titles so you know!

Today's review features Between the Lines by Jodi Picout.

A couple years ago, I heard that my favorite author, Jodi Picoult, would be writing a book with her teenage daughter, Samantha. When I read about it, I was ecstatic. In true Janelle fashion, I bought the book (the actual book, not the e-book, as I have all of Picoult's books in hardcover, taking up nearly an entire shelf in one of my bookcases). I was nervous because this book was said to be unlike any other she'd written to date. Well, I was nervous for no reason because Between the Lines is a fantastic piece of literature, and I couldn't put it down.

Between the Lines tells the story of Delilah, a high school girl, who is obsessed with a children's fairy tale. She doesn't have many friends, and she loves reading by herself. The story she becomes smitten with is about a prince named Oliver. He is brave and strong and everything she feels like she isn't. One day, Prince Oliver begins talking to her. Yes, a character in a story is talking to the girl who is reading it. Maybe Prince Oliver isn't just a character after all... maybe he is trapped inside the book. 

Delilah desperately wants to help him, but along the way, her mom and one best friend think she has gone crazy. In an attempt not to ruin the book for anyone who wants to read it (and this one comes HIGHLY recommended, guys!), I will just say that I found the concept of the novel to be brilliantly creative and that I haven't looked at the characters in any given book the same way since finishing this one. If I could give this book 20 stars out of 5, I would. THAT is how much I loved Between the Lines. Jodi Picoult strikes again, this time with her daughter as co-author. 

To read more about the author, check out Picoult's website here


  1. I read this book because you've posted about it in a review of your favorite books, and I honestly didn't enjoy it.

  2. I tried so hard to like this book. My best friend absolutely loves Jodi Picoult but somehow I can never really get into her books which makes me sad. Maybe I'll try it again sometime thought!

    1. Maybe try The Pact. It's the first Picoult I ever read and it hits the ground running. (:

  3. I need to read this one! Love me some Jodi Picoult!!