Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Professional Maternity Photos

Three weeks ago, right when I was 35 weeks pregnant, Dan and I had maternity photos taken! I had been looking forward to these, and I am SO glad we had them done.

They will be great to look back on as Baby Cookie grows, and I'm sure it'll be fun for her to see life before she was born!

Our good friend, Megan (of Magical Moments by Megan), took the photos for us on what has probably been the sunniest / brightest day in Dayton all summer - no joke!

We love how they turned out - and we did so many poses! I wanted to make sure I had enough so I can make a collage to match the rest of ours for our home.

Have you had maternity photos taken?



  1. aww, the "we love you already" bunting is so sweet!

  2. I just love these, you are beautiful!

  3. So pretty! I think I was about 33 weeks when we had ours done (but don't quote me on that, it's all a blur now!). We were also given God Gave Us You, I cried whenever I read it before she was born. It's one of my most favorites!

  4. Awww these are adorable! Love every single one!!

  5. The bench with the books are my favorite! So so cute! We were going to have maternity photos when I was 37 weeks, but George had other plans and came before we could do them. I am glad I did monthly photos, because that is really all I have of my preggo belly.