Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baby Shower in Kansas City

Way back at the end of June, Dan and I drove back to Kansas City, Missouri for our baby shower. We were lucky enough to spend several days there before, and we had the best time seeing family and friends!

The day before we had to drive back, my mom and grandma threw a baby shower for Baby Cookie! There was a small problem in the logistics (as in there was a huge thunderstorm two nights before, and the power was out at our location), but everything worked out, and we had a blast!

Our cake was from Hy-Vee (shout out, MidWest!) and was so delicious. I wish we had one here...

My grandma and my husband unintentionally matched, and it was awesome.

The coolest gift we could ever receive was this old wagon full of blocks. It was my dad's when he was a kid, and I played with it when I was little too. It's so special to have for Baby Cookie!

My friend Megan (you may remember her as the Maid of Honor in our wedding) made this adorable pink tutu for Baby Cookie, along with two taggie blankets and an awesome belt! She is so creative and thoughtful!

My mom and grandma did such a great job putting this together for us!

We were so happy to see everyone (some for the first time in forever!), and we will definitely never forget this day!