Friday, July 7, 2017

Baby Cookie 2.0 is a GIRL!

Just like with Annabelle, we did all of the Old Wives' Tales to see what family and friends thought Baby Cookie 2.0 would be - this time, it was pretty split, despite all the clues leading to girl (see the chart below). I think many of the boy guesses were just people wanting our family to be even for some reason... but that's not how it works because Baby Cookie 2.0 is another GIRL! You can see Annabelle's gender reveal at this post!

We are a little shocked that we're going to be ONLY girl parents, but we are thrilled to see these two sisters together!

And yes, we do already have a full name chosen that we are in love with. Just like last time, though, we will not be sharing it until baby girl is born! (And thank goodness we didn't have to agree on a boy name because that may have NEVER happened! Ha!)

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