Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Goals: February 2016

A new month means it's time for new goals... but let's check back in with January first to see how I did. Or maybe we shouldn't... it was THAT kind of month. I thought sharing my goals publicly would help me accomplish them, but you can all see that is NOT the case. Oops. At least I tried, right? 

My January goals were:

1. Get the house back in order. Check... and then uncheck. You see, I did get things back to how they needed to be (with the help of my husband - thanks!)... but then I got mastitis (again) and became utterly (udderly? haha) useless, and now the house is chaos again. But hey, at least the Christmas decorations are put away - AND we boxed them up REALLY well, so we can say we have our first few boxes packed for our big PCS next month! Woo!

2. Run one mile without walking. Nope. Fail. I came so incredibly close to this one. I even logged 19.5 running miles for January... but none of them were one straight mile. I had increased from a quarter mile at a time to three quarters of a mile at a time without walking, and I know I CAN run one consecutive mile... I just didn't want to overdo it since I'm just picking back up postpartum AND had a leg injury before pregnancy. That said, I was going to increase to one straight mile on the same day I got mastitis. I've been out since then. Once I'm better, I'll try again. 

3. Read one book. Fail. But really... I have no excuse for this one. I can't even blame the mastitis this time. I just simply didn't get it done. I did read about 250 pages of All the Light We Cannot See, but I certainly didn't finish; I'm only about half way through. Oh, and I missed Book Club anyway... because of the mastitis (bet you didn't see that one coming). 

4. Type 30 recipes for my cookbook. Fail. I didn't even come close here. I guess it just wasn't a priority for me this month like I thought it would be. Maybe soon?

5. Complete one of my 30 Before 30 tasks. CHECK! I did this one. I made it to two new states, which is how many I needed to check off the "visit ten new states" by the time I'm 30. I have just 16 states to go to "collect them all"! We drove seven hours to Niagara Falls for our first vacation as a family of three (more about that later), and I was able to add New York (on the way there) and Michigan (on the way home) during that trip! Yay!

Now that I'm through embarrassing myself for my lack of self-discipline, let's take a look at my goals for February!

1. Finish one book, and read one more. I need to finish All The Light We Cannot See (really, I'm enjoying it immensely... but I just haven't made the time for it), and I'll start and finish another book.

2. Run one consecutive mile. Since I know I'm close but will need to log a few more make-up treadmill sessions from being sick, I decided to go with this same goal. 

3. Go to the gym 15+ times. It's tough with Dan's schedule, but we try to make it work by him going before work and me going when he gets home... or we both go in the afternoon, while Annabelle goes to the daycare area at the Y. I'm not a huge fan of that (germs... ugh), but I need to put my own health first sometimes too.

4. Start packing for our PCS. We move at the tail end of next month, and Dan has to defend his thesis still... we're busy over here. That's why we need to get a jump start on packing some of the things we won't need... like our summer clothes and some of my crafting supplies. Those can be boxed up ahead of time.

5. Celebrate seven years with Lieutenant Lovemuffin. Okay, so this one is easy because it's going to happen on the 25th anyway. But this will force me into celebrating it with him despite having Annabelle around. It's easy to forego date nights because of a baby, but I have something simple up my sleeve for this special day... it's not our wedding anniversary, so it's nothing big, but I still want to make it special. 



  1. 10 new states is awesome! I have All The Light We Cannot See sitting in a closet waiting to be read, but I keep putting it off because it is so long haha

  2. That is a great list of goals! I find it hard to get in reading time with an active toddler, this pregnancy, and a house to keep up with. Like you I am trying to make the time even if its just 10-15 minutes before bed. Keep it up and good luck with your PCS!

  3. I keep hearing good things about All The Light We Cannot See... I might have to read it. Except I hear it's pretty long, so I might just get the audiobook version for my next road trip instead.

  4. These are great goals! Yay for a PCS, I am so ready to move to a new place so I will live vicariously through you haha.

  5. Think of it this way: taking her to daycare will help build up her immune system. The same thing can be said when she's old enough to eat dirt.

  6. Yay for getting 10 states! I would really like to do a little traveling this year, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Good luck with your goals. You can do it!

  8. There's nothing like a PCS to throw a wrench in household organization! And yay for Texas, by the way! We're really hoping for Hood when we PCS in a couple years. Fingers crossed!

  9. These are great goals! 30 recipes is a lot! If I try one or two new ones a week I am impressed with myself! You go girl!

  10. Yay for 7 years! That's awesome. And when I find it hard to get to the gym because of George, I do workouts at home with the SWORKit app or youtube videos. Then you are still getting a workout in and can stay away from gym germs!