Friday, January 22, 2016

Easy DIY Gift for L&D Nurses

So remember when I recapped my birth story? And how it took for-freaking-ever?! Yeah, we were in the hospital for DOUBLE the amount of time I expected to be since little miss Annabelle was (is... she really, truly still is) STUBBORN. 

Since we made ourselves at home and REALLY got to know a few of the nurses and a couple doctors pretty well, I was so glad I'd prepared beforehand and made little gifts for them. It's not much, I know, but the hospital staff works super hard to keep everyone happy - especially those nurses! I know they don't expect gifts, but I bet they love being recognized for providing great care.


• cello baggies
• pink ribbon (or blue for a boy)
• gift tags (I made mine on Photoshop and printed them at Staples)
• bubble gum
• clicky pen (the clicky top makes it easier for them to use it one handed)
• chapstick (bonus points for nice ones that smell good!)
• hand sanitizer (Bath & Body Works has pretty and delicious smelling ones for less than a buck!)

I simply filled each bag and tied them shut with the ribbon, attaching the gift tag in the process!

I think the hospital staff enjoyed getting these little baggies... but I don't know if it was worth putting up with me for four days! ;-) 



  1. I didn't make anything for the hospital staff when I delivered my first daughter (the idea never really crossed my mind), but I've been thinking about it for this next baby. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so I think these are a sweet idea!

  2. This is such a sweet idea, I absolutely love it! :)