Monday, September 1, 2014

About the Author {Blogtember Day 1}

One of my favorite blogs to follow posted about the Blogtember challenge today, where she will write about a different (scheduled) topic each day throughout September! I love the idea (and participated last year), so I decided to join her! Check out Bailey's post too!

Brave Love Blog

September 1st Prompt: Imagine the front sleeve of a hardcover novel. Give us your "About the Author" so we can get to know one another, and for fun, tell us what your imaginary novel would be about.

Well, here goes:

"Janelle is a newlywed who just moved from Colorado to Ohio, but she calls Missouri home. She has taught middle school language arts for four years; however, since her move across the country, she is running a small business through Etsy. She loves to read, write, and run, having completed her first marathon in the spring of 2014. Janelle is married to Dan, who is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force, and they have two feline companions, Gilligan and Stormy."

If I were to write a novel (or if I were to tell you about the one I actually DID write for NaNoWriMo in 2010), I'd have to tell you that it's definitely YA, or young adult. I have heard that you should only write what you would love to read, and YA books are my favorites. People sometimes judge me for that, but I blame it on being a teacher to teenagers, but that's only half true. I just love them. My novel would definitely be about a complicated friendship between two teenage girls who are brought together through an unlikely source: September 11th. I never went further after writing and editing. It's the first piece of writing I've ever felt truly proud of, but I'm still way too nervous to share it with others.

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