Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day in the Life... or Something Like That {Blogtember Challenge}

September 20th Prompt: Share a day in your life. Pictures, timelines, stats... however you'd like.

I don't have one full day documented here... so instead I'm going to share tidbits of many of the past days.

Over Labor Day weekend, Dan and I went to Sandusky, Ohio for the first time. We went to Cedar Point and had a BLAST! We didn't take any pictures there, however, but we did get some at the deer park the next day! I'm going to save most of the pictures for a separate post sometime, but here are a few.

We've also been hanging out with our friends Ellie and Joe, and they have the cutest little baby, Tyler... and we like hanging out with him too!

Dan and I also went to the Greek Festival in downtown Dayton, and it was SO worth it. The food was a little pricey, and we had to pay to get in, but that food was SOOOO worth it! We loved it. 

In exciting news, I FINALLY got someone to take my leg pain seriously! I injured it while marathon training way back in April. Yes, I still ran the marathon on an injured leg, but whatever. Worth it. Doctors have been dismissing me since APRIL, though, telling me it was just a muscle strain. NO. That would be gone by now. I was referred to a physical therapist recently, and he felt HUGE knots in my tibialis anterior muscle and knew immediately that there was a problem. He used trigger point dry needling by sticking needles deep into my muscles until he got a "twitch" from me... and while I was pretty sore for a few days afterward, it feels like it's FINALLY healing now. I go back next week for one more round, and I am so excited to finally have some answers! I can't wait to get running again! The following photo shows all of the places the needles went in.

A good friend of ours called recently to tell us of a fishing mishap he had where he ended up in the ER. He was in good spirits about it, so we decided to send him some fun little puns in the mail.

We got wedding photos up in our house! Finally! I love that we picked three large photos to display. Maybe this will stop me from hanging up a ton of them all over the place... we'll see.

Last weekend, we flew to Denver for a wedding. It was WEIRD being back in Colorado, but we were so happy to see Michele and Chad tie the knot!

And last but certainly not least, what would an "in the life of..." post be without some pictures of the furbabies?

Have YOU been up to anything fun lately?

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