Monday, September 16, 2013

A Public Love Letter {Blogtember Challenge}

Monday, September 16th Prompt: Write a public love letter to someone in your life.

This prompt actually said I could write a love letter to anyone and that it didn't have to be romantic. That's cool and all, but I don't write love letters that are NOT romantic... so naturally I'm writing to my handsome fiancé, the love of my life, my Cadet Lovemuffin... otherwise known as Dan.

Dear Danny,

Can you even believe how far we've come? We've been together for over four and a half years now, and that's just the beginning.

We have traveled alone to see each other, and we have traveled together to see new places.

We have become friends with each others' friends, and we have made new friends together.

We are always looking for new journeys, new adventures, and new things to try.

In just eight months, you'll (finally) be graduating from the Air Force Academy, and I will be your WIFE! We've been waiting what feels like FOREVER for that to happen, and we're finally approaching the "light at the end of the tunnel" that everyone talks about.

We have grown so much as a couple over the last few years, and I am so happy with where we are. We are more than ready for the next step, and I can't wait for May 30th, 2014 to get here.

I am so excited to find out where we'll be moving together after our wedding. It's been such a long road, but every single second will be worth it when we're living together like normal couples.

I'm here for you through everything, and I'm so thankful to be your fiancée.


P.S. Thank you for always helping me clean. You're the best. I couldn't ask for more.

It's so easy writing to him. Who is the easiest person for YOU to write to?

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