Monday, June 6, 2016

Nine Months: Annabelle

My sweet baby girl is 75% of one year old. How is time passing so quickly? It's crazy to think that it'a already June... it's the beginning of summer, and I so keenly remember going into last summer knowing it was my last one alone and that I'd have a perfect baby in my arms at the end of it.

Sure enough, September arrived, and Annabelle entered the world. The fact that it's JUNE now just blows my mind. I am flabbergasted.

She is growing so much and changing daily. She is learning new skills, like how to stand on her own. She's constantly babbling, just trying to get us to understand her adorable little language. She loves her pets, but only one of them loves her back. She is finally excited about meal time and exploring new food options. Her favorite is still butternut squash, but she's added homemade avocado pineapple yogurt to her eclectic palate.

Annabelle went on her very first flight this month (actually six flights!), played with her sensory spaghetti, fell in love with her duck pond water table, and got all patriotic for Memorial Day. She is a busy little bee for sure, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Annabelle shows her attitude daily - she is incredibly stubborn and strong-willed. We have no idea where she got either trait. Just kidding. She loves to smile at herself in the mirror, jump up and down to music (or just because), and hang out in the backyard with us while her daddy grills dinner.

We can't take her anywhere in public without being stopped a million times by people who want to talk to her or smile at her. She loves flirting with anyone who will give her attention, and if she wants someone to notice her, she will go to great lengths to attract them - from staring and smiling continuously to fake coughing to reel them in... followed by more smiles. She just loves people.

We feel so blessed to be this spunky girl's parents and can't wait to see what the next month brings! She is turning into such a fun little person to hang out with.

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