Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Making a Cookbook

Once upon a time, I wanted to make a recipe book. It was my senior year of college, and I tried. I really did. I used a plain white binder, Microsoft Word, and my cheap printer, which printed black as gray and really light colors.

That was in 2010.

Now, I REALLY want to make a nice one. I have so much on my plate right now with the end of the school year wrapping up, though. I am making the yearbook for my 8th graders and a big slide show (plus 30 copies on DVD) to be played at their ceremony. OH - and my wedding is a week after school gets out, so I'm crazy busy doing last minute planning for that too. I probably shouldn't even be spending time blogging. Oops.

That said, I have BIG PLANS for making this recipe book once we move to Ohio after our honeymoon and get unpacked. It may be mid-August before I actually get to begin, but I'm excited. I am planning what I want it to look like right now since I can't find any I LOVE on Etsy. I want a fabric covered binder with lots of categories inside with BIG tabs that make it easy to find what I want. I want to create a template for my recipes to be typed into so they are uniform. Maybe I'll even sell my creation in my Etsy shop if I like the finished product enough!

For now, though, I'll have to just daydream abut this recipe binder and continue organizing my recipes when I have a spare minute here and there.

  • Have you ever made a recipe book?
  • How did you do it?
  • Or do you just keep your recipes stored on the computer?


  1. Ah, it has been my dream to create my own recipe book as well. I hope you can create the perfect one once things get settled down.

  2. I never write recipes down. i make something amazing like once...and I can never remember how to make it when my husband asks me to do it again. Maybe i should start writing stuff down? lol. That's so cool you've got enough stuff to make your own cookbook! How exciting!

  3. That will be really fun to do this summer! Definitely go for it once you are settled in. :) I recently started researched e-scrapbooking (want to make a family photo album), which led me to thinking about creating a cookbook to have made for myself and family. I was thinking of using a site that prints the book for me. I still have a lot to learn on the digital side of far as picture quality goes.

  4. I bought one that has the inserts that you can write your recipes on and just wrote a couple every day until I had all of my recipes in there! Not the most creative way but it got the job done and the book is really cute and so well organized!