Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marathon, Here I Come!

I can't believe I am actually doing it. FINALLY, I am really going to do it. I am going to accomplish a LIFELONG dream on April 27th, 2014, just one month and three days before my wedding.


That's right. My amazing friend Lizzie (who blogs over at Seis Matters) and I decided to finally bite the bullet and do what we've been talking about. We registered for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, and I booked my flight there. I'll be staying with her that weekend in Enid, about 90 minutes from OKC. We are STOKED, nervous, and excited!

I started running when I was very young. I ran with my dad in the afternoons. Then, in seventh grade, I joined cross country and track. I ran both events until I graduated from high school. I have run countless 5Ks and one half marathon. I have ALWAYS dreamed of completing 26.2 miles, and now I finally have my chance.

I'm slow. I've never been great at running; it's just something I do to ease the stress I have from daily life. It's not going to be easy, but it is going to be completely worth it.

I'm scared, and training is going to be tough, but I can't wait to kick asphalt next April! 


  1. That's so exciting! Good luck with your training!

  2. Good for you!! The most I've done is a 10k, I have the utmost respect for those that run marathons!! :)

  3. We lived in OKC for 4 years and went to/ran part of (5k) the marathon every year! It is a GREAT marathon to start with. I ran the 5k but my hubby did the marathon or half marathon and he really liked it. It's a huge deal there and it's such an emotional experience! I hope you have a great time - I think it's a perfect 1st marathon!

  4. Running is good to your health and that could also be fun! Enjoy your training.

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  5. The hardest part sometimes is actually registering! Good luck!

  6. Woohoo!!! I cannot wait to run with you, it's going to be crazy and amazing.
    <3 you!

  7. That's so awesome! I am training for a half right now, but I can't even imagine running a full! You're a rockstar!