Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - In Review

2013 was a FABULOUS year. Dan and I had so much fun together. As it comes to an end, however, I am not sad. 2014 is the year we have been waiting for for FIVE YEARS, and I am ECSTATIC to see it finally here!

Some highlights from this year (links when appropriate):

-learned to sort of enjoy skiing
-joined a church
-Baptized at church

-enjoyed the touristy things around CO when Olly visited
-celebrated four years with Cadet Lovemuffin

-finished a fun study of The Books of the Bible with Dan, Mike, and Ellen
-traveled to Glenwood Springs
-my mom visited us in Colorado
-lots of skiing

-celebrated Dan's 24th birthday
-ran the Glow Run 5K

-attended the Flying Team piano burn
-enjoyed the end of the school-year with a great group of kids
-USAFA Ring Dance and the accompanying weekend

-Manitou Springs Wine Festival with Dan and Eryn
-Lucy and Simon visited all the way from England!
-watched one of my best friends (Lizzie) get married - finally!
-traveled back to Missouri while Dan was leading Boy Scouts around

-Dan returned to Colorado from his Philmont Boy Scout program in New Mexico
-had engagement photos taken at the USAFA Airfield
-created my 30 Before 30 List
-left to Visit Joe and Ellie (and baby Tyler) in Ohio
-created a list of my top 15 books of all-time

-welcomed a new group of wonderful 8th graders
-saw a surprise Sky Sox game
-went to an air show where I was able to climb through a B-24 (my favorite) with Dan and Aaron

-had a wonderful final Parents' Weekend at USAFA (#5 of 5)
-climbed to the top of Bishop Castle
-participated in a blogging challenge

-watched many Air Force football games
-worked hard to make my Etsy shop (Two Cats Decorations) take off
-spent my last Halloween alone (next year, Dan and I will be married and living together!)

-went on a wine and painting double date with good friends
-traveled home to Kansas City for Thanksgiving

-found out Dan is officially going to be a pilot in the US Air Force
-skied my first blue run at Steamboat Springs
-spent a wonderful weekend at Steamboat with Dan, Aaron, Jorden, Lindsey, Kaylon, and Matt
-signed up for my first full marathon (in April of 2014)
-traveled to Oregon to see Dan's family
-traveled to Pennsylvania to see Michelle and Lydia (separately)


  1. I didn't follow your blog back when you joined a church and were baptized, but I just want to congratulate you on that! I wasn't baptized until I was 18 and I felt like the odd-ball in a church where most people were baptized when they were kids.

  2. Sounds like it was a great year! I'm excited for you, 2014 sounds like it's going to pretty amazing!!! :)

  3. Sounds like a great year! Happy 2014!

  4. 2013 is really a great year for you. Keep it up and try some new things as well like community service where you can share and extend your love to others. Just a piece of advice. Happy 2014!

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