Friday, February 15, 2013

Olly's Visit to Colorado Springs

Last weekend, Dan and I were lucky enough to have a friend from UCM visit us. Olly flew to Colorado Springs, and we showed him around and had a lot of fun. Olly is technically our Brother through Phi Sigma Pi. He is Dan's "Little", and the two also have a common bond of aviation. (Enter: a weekend of nerdy airplane information...)

Olly was only here for about 48 hours of productive time, so we crammed as much in as possible. He went to Flying Team practice with Dan on Saturday morning and then had a tour of the Academy. Afterward, we all went to lunch and then drove through Garden of the Gods (a can't-miss destination out here!). We then headed to Cripple Creek, where an ice festival was going on (fun!!!). We stayed the night there and gambled a bit before heading back on Sunday. We had a pretty lazy day on Sunday, exploring the shops and arcades in Manitou Springs. This place just doesn't get old.

Me with Olly at Garden of the Gods

Dan with Olly at Garden of the Gods

Me with Dan at Garden of the Gods

Me holding up one of the balanced rocks at Garden of the Gods

The Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods

Overall, we had a great weekend being tourists in our own town. I love Colorado Springs more than the average person, so it's always nice to have an excuse to explore all the old favorites! :)

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