Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Josephine Turns 1!

On November 21st, our sweet little Josephine Jayne turned ONE! How the time passed so quickly, I will never have any idea. She has been the perfect addition to our family and is an absolute delight!

We had a "donut grow up" party for her (I'll share her donut smash pictures soon!), and we had a few friends and my mom (her Gammaw) over to celebrate with a little brunch party. She even got to wear her donut pajamas! It was a perfect morning, and our teenie weenie Josepheenie had a blast! This girl has more nicknames than anyone in the history of the world, I'm pretty certain.

Josephine's personality is developing rapidly, and she is a hoot! She makes us laugh constantly, and she adores her big sister. Annabelle loves her too, thank goodness. Josie loves being tickled and spun around and rough-housed. She is a total mama's girl, but her eyes light up when her daddy gets home from work anyway. She is still breastfeeding, but she also eats literally any other food you give her. She doesn't turn anything away yet, and it's great.

JoJo doesn't love bath time, mostly because she hates having water poured over her head to wash her hair. Playing in the bubbles with her big sister helps a bit, though. Our Joey Girl babbles all day, claps her hands when she's happy, asks for more in sign language, says mama and dada, points at what she wants, walks all over the place, and is just a happy, delightful little girl. Jo makes people smile everywhere we go, and she is seriously such a great baby. Hopefully she'll be just as great of a toddler!

Josephine Jayne, we can't believe you've been with us for more than a year already. We love you more than anything, and we are so happy you're a part of our family!

Have you ever had anything other than birthday cake at your birthday party? We did have a cake as well (because duh - it was her first birthday, after all!), but we really did enjoy the donuts being different.

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