Monday, December 31, 2018

Family Jet Photos - Fall 2018

Most families of fighter pilots have yearly photo sessions with the husband's mistress... oh, did I say mistress? I meant jet.

Meet the F-22 Raptor, my husband's mistress. He spends more time with her than with the family, or so it seems.

We tried getting some great family photos to commemorate him joining his first active fighter squadron, no longer in training... but it didn't go so well.

The sun was shining bright. The wind was blowing SO hard. Jets were flying overhead. It was LOUD. The first couple photos are okay. I think they'd be better if the sun wasn't SO bright right on us, but it's not like we could move the jet. The photographer was shooting families all day in 15 minute increments, so this is what we had to work with.

Maybe next year will turn out better. We'll see!

At least the girls are cute, even when one is pouty and mad (she declared, "I all done with pictures!") and the other one won't sit/stand still for a single second. Maybe one day they'll pose for someone other than me so I can be in nice photos with them.

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