Monday, April 23, 2018

Behind Her Name: Josephine Jayne

Josephine Jayne has been with us for a whopping five months now. That's crazy. One of these days soon, I'll share her birth story with you guys. But for now, I'll share the much shorter post about her name.

Just like Annabelle, we chose Josephine as a name that we just love. I'm particular and wanted a name with the same amount of syllables (three) that had a few good nickname options to match her sister's name. Josephine fit the bill perfectly, and it even has the same number of letters! Bonus! We can call her Jo, Joey, Josie, Pheenie, Sephie... lots of options! Right now, she's mostly just Josephine or Josie, but I really like Joey and JJ as well. We'll see what she morphs into as her personality changes.

Her middle name of Jayne was much easier for me. Dan took a little more convincing, but once he realized the significance, we went with it. My dad's name was Jay, and since we are never going to have a son, I realized we could turn his name into a feminine form and go with the normal "Jane" but add a 'y' into the middle. I'n not normally a fan of adding letters to names, but this just felt SO right. So perfect. I'm glad that Josephine will always carry her grandfather's name with her.

If you want to read about how we chose big sister Annabelle's name, click here. (Side note: we never call her Anna Kate like that post implies we would... we DO, however, call her Annie Kat sometimes!)

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