Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Annabelle's First Pumpkin Patch

Once upon a time, way back in October, we took Annabelle to her very first pumpkin patch. We didn't go last year, since she was so tiny and young. We just didn't see the point.

This year, she is walking and super into everything, and we knew she would LOVE it. Unfortunately, we couldn't find an actual patch around us... so we went to a gardening center that had a fun set-up. There is a nice pumpkin patch about an hour away, so we plan on going there next year (assuming we're still in this area by then).

It was a great success! She loved posing with the pumpkins and carrying the small gourds away. Everyone there was watching her because she was being her sassy, smiley self!

I'm so glad we decided to lug the big camera out with us on this day. We got some of my very favorite shots of her... ever!

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