Friday, December 4, 2015

A Pilot's Daughter {sort of} Reviews 'Daddy Flies' Book

Okay, so I only said SORT OF in the title of this post because Annabelle is only (almost) three months old, so she can't even express her own opinions yet, let alone review a book.

However, I can, and 'Daddy Flies' by Brye Stevens is excellent! The author is a military spouse whose husband is a pilot, and the book tells the story of young Katie, who learns that her daddy flies and is trying to figure out how.

I received a complimentary copy of the book 'Daddy Flies' by Brye Steeves in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. The adorable airplane bib is from SEWandCompany on Etsy.
*My husband (and Annabelle's daddy), Lieutenant Lovemuffin, has been flying for 11 years now - and he FINALLY heads to Air Force pilot training this coming spring after putting it on hold to pursue his Master's degree in Physics.*

'Daddy Flies' rhymes, which makes it fun for me to read to Annabelle, and she will surely get a kick out of that as she gets a bit older.

The book shows lots of adorable pictures of the dad in the book in his flight suit, and I am so glad that as Annabelle gets older, she will have a special book to read when trying to figure out what her dad is doing all the time in that silly green onesie!

We give this book 5 stars - it's cute, fun, and will be totally applicable to our life in a couple years, and I just know it will come in handy in explaining Daddy's job to Annabelle.

Annabelle was SUPER excited to add 'Daddy Flies' to her growing collection of books about airplanes / flying - just look at that sweet smile! Little does she know that she gets to go on her FIRST FLIGHT this month! I think her daddy is most excited... I just hope for his sake that Annabelle enjoys flying more than I do!

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  1. This is seriously the cutest thing, I love how happy she looks!

  2. Your daughter to so cute! I'm sure she will appreciate that book in a few years ;)