Thursday, March 6, 2014

30 Before 30 Re-Visit {How I'm Doing}

With about three and a half years to go until I turn 30 (oh my gosh - that sounds crazy), I wanted to look over my "bucket list" of sorts. These are all items I want to accomplish by the time I'm 30. I set these goals on my 26th birthday (last July)... here's an update!

My List to Complete Before July 22nd, 2017:

1. Get Married (less than three months!)
2. Travel to Europe (less than three months!)
3. Get something published somewhere
4. Take a photography class
5. Finish writing a second novel
6. Skydive
7. Paint walls inside a house
8. Travel to South America
9. Sell *more* items on Etsy (sold 50 as of 12/21/13)
10. See a movie alone in a theater (saw The Book Thief in Denver on 11/23/13)
11. Have a baby
12. Run a marathon - registered for Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon on 04/27/14
13. Learn how to sew (simple things)
14. Host a Christmas dinner for more than three people
15. Travel to Africa
16. Create a cookbook of my favorite recipes
17. Visit 10 states I haven’t been to
18. Become fluent in French
19. Start learning German
20. Go out to dinner (at a real restaurant) alone
21. Swim with fish (terrified)
22. Try going vegan for a month
23. Pay for a stranger’s meal
24. Participate in a Bible study with other women
25. Go on (another) hot air balloon flight
26. Ski a “blue” run (accomplished on "Heavenly Daze" at Steamboat Springs on 12/16/13)
27. Adopt a dog (hopefully a high-energy large breed)
28. Travel somewhere alone
29. Teach in a state other than Colorado
30. Live in (at least) three different states

It appears that I am not doing too great. I have sold more items in my Etsy shop (up to 87 sales now), saw a movie alone in a theater (The Book Thief - well worth it!), and skied a blue run at Steamboat Springs. 

In the next few months, though, I'll also be knocking off running a marathon (April 27th), getting married (May 30th), and traveling to Europe (honeymoon in June/July). Who knows - maybe I can sneak a couple other items in before the summer too!


  1. I'm working on one of these for my birthday. Your list sounds fun!

  2. I loved reading this list! I saw this 30 by 30 idea on another blog and decided to make my own, but I haven't come up with 30 things yet. Your list gave me some great ideas though so I'm going to adapt a few of your ideas to fit my own life. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I really love the "pay for a stranger's meal" one. In college my friends and I were in different states, but when they would visit during the holidays/summer we would make plans to go to dinner and hang out at a local casino (lol..sounds weird, but they have bowling alleys!). One night my friend and I were doing our usual dinner date and when the bill came the waiter told us that it had been taken care of. Turns out an older couple sitting nearby had paid for it. It was so unbelievably nice! Reminds me to keep a look out for a nice young couple/friends and "pay it forward". :)

    And...I just sent you an email with a collage from way back. :)

  4. I would love to take a photography class and speak fluent French. Such great goals. Good luck on them. :)

  5. If you want to knock out painting walls you can come visit me! Haha! You are doing great on your list :) You have lots to look forward to in the next few months.

  6. Congrats on selling so many items on Etsy! I am excited for you to get that high energy, large breed dog!