Thursday, January 31, 2013

Target Shooting in Monument/Woodland Park

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I used to be 100% against guns. I am from a city that uses guns ONLY for homicides and never for fun. It's just how I grew up. I never trusted guns or anyone with them.

That said, Dan has completely changed my mind about guns over the past few years, and now shooting is something I enjoy. Okay, so I only enjoy shooting a pistol... but it's improvement, right? It has just the right amount of "kick" to really let me have fun, but it doesn't hurt my arm like the shot guns do. 

This past weekend, Dan and I headed out to a new place between Monument and Woodland Park that we hadn't been to yet. It's inside the Pike National Forest, and that's usually where we shoot, but  this location was new and fun. 

with my new pink eye and ear protection! :) 

his eye and ear protection isn't quite as cool! ;)

LOVE Dan's truck! We can drive ANYWHERE in that thing! :)

new shot guns Dan acquired over winter break...

Pike National Forest is one of my favorite places to be

it was SUCH a gorgeous day!

On another note, Dan had been saving all of his Engineering Math homework from last semester at USAFA. He had it in a bag and kept telling me he was going to shoot it just because he could. I didn't believe him. He proved me wrong, though, and brought it along for ou shooting excursion. He duct taped it all together for an easy target and shot the heck out of it. Enjoy:

We had a great time enjoying a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon together. Those precious hours are becoming some of my favorite from the entire week. 

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  1. This is where we go shooting! I love it up there - so beautiful. But be careful, we got shot at one time we were up there! Some people decided not to shoot in the designated areas and it was pretty scary.